Financing for AIDC barcode equipment, wireless products & systems

In today's highly competitive global marketplace, agility is critical. Windows of opportunity can slam shut well before the beginning of the next fiscal quarter or fiscal year. As a result, we view our ability to provide the right kind of financing as important as the right kind of equipment and software.

Whether you're looking for Purchase Money financing, or Fair Market Value leases, you'll find our rates competitive, our staff knowledgeable, our paperwork straightforward and our reaction times lightning fast.

Leasing can help your IT Department help your company

Instant Gratification, Immediate ROI

Rather than wait until monthly savings or revenue increases that result from the installation of new hardware and applications offset the front end capital costs, leasing can produce immediate positive cash flow by replacing front loaded investment with low monthly payments.

Freedom from  the Albatross

Leasing equipment changes the equipment selection paradigm. Leasing allows you to choose a term consistent with the economic value of an asset to you, not to the world at large. When a lease term expires, you can concentrate on selecting the best equipment for your organization at that time, rather than expending energy on how to avoid a book loss or how to get a few more miles out of the old clunker.

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