On Demand Color Labeling Options

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of using color on our products, whether it be to increase brand awareness, reduce errors in product selection or assembly or to comply with labeling requirements such as the new GHS color labeling requirements for chemicals.

What few of us are familiar with are the facts that color labels can now be produced inexpensively and conveniently on-demand. No more ordering more than you need way in advance, and then running them through a black and white printer at production time to imprint product or order specific information. Print everything you need when you need it.

For the last several years Epson has been shipping an industrial grade demand color label printer using ink jet technology called the TM-3400. It takes roll fed or fanfolded labels, just like traditional black and white barcode label printers. The difference is the output is in color.  

One of our customers, a leading producer of musican instrument,  is using these on their production line to produce distinctive color serial number labels that are placed inside the shells of their bass drums.  What's more impressive, is that the application emanates from IBM iSeries machines running over a WAN.

Another uses the TM-3400 to produce color coded assembly labels as part of the manufacturing process for their line of cabinet doors.

And now, Epson has introduced two new models, enhancing the versatility of their on-demand color product line. The ColorWorks™ C831, and the ColorWorks™ C3500 Inkjet Label Printer.

The Colorworks C831 is capable of producing full print width (up to 8.0") high quality color labels on demand. Coupled with Epson's proprietary ink formulations it's just in time to help chemical manufacturers produce drum labels compliant with the new GHS standards.

The Colorworks C3500 adds separately replaceable colored cartridges bringing new levels of vibrancy and additional consumables costs savings to the Epson's traditional (up to 4.4") wide Colorworks product line.

Color increases brand awareness and can reduce errors in the manufacturing and distribution process; and, thanks to Epson, those benefits are more affordable than ever.